Bedford Reservation

52 Hike Challenge: Month Three Recap

March is officially over and that means four more hikes under my belt, and it means we’re getting that much closer to spring! Even with some terrible weather this month, I was able to stick to the challenge and get outside at least once a week. Here’s where I went.

Hike #9: Bedford Reservation, 2.15 miles 

Bedford Reservation

Bedford Reservation has always been one of my favorite parks to visit, so I love any excuse to come here. This was particularly fun because it was a beautiful, sunny day outside, which we hadn’t had in a while. The sun made all of the snow shimmer and it was quite the sight to see. I explored some waterfalls that are tucked away from the main trail.

Hike #10: Gorge Metropark, 2.25 miles 

women who hike ohio

A common theme I’ve noticed this year is that my favorite hike each month tends to be the ones I host for Women Who Hike. This trail follows along the Cuyahoga River and up through some astounding rock formations. I always leave these hikes feeling so fulfilled!

Hike #11: Edgewater Park, 1.2 miles


My friend from Columbus and her pup Sadie came to visit me during this weekend, so we took a fun and short hike from the top of Edgewater Park down to the where they have these industrial size swings. It was pretty windy so we didn’t go too far, but we enjoyed a lovely view while swinging for a bit.

Hike #12: Squire’s Castle (Scenic Loop Trail), 2.15 miles 

Squire's Castle

I love visiting this park because of its unique feature, Squire’s Castle! It’s not every day you get to see a castle in such an unexpected place. The trails behind are great for a workout, too. I hiked the scenic loop.. and I’m looking forward to going back in the summer. The hills were completely covered in ice and it took me a while to get and up down them, but it was fun! I’m just glad I didn’t wipe out.

Hike #13: Rocky River Reservation (Fort Hill Loop Trail), 2 miles 

rocky river reservation

There wasn’t a soul out hiking this day, so I had the place entirely to myself. The birds and crickets were chirping and it was just so peaceful. Rocky Reservation stretches for so many miles, and every time I go I find a new area I haven’t been to before.

I have some exciting hikes planned for April, including a trip to one of my all time favorite places, Hocking Hills. I can’t wait to these new adventures!


  • Laurie

    So glad I found this blog. Loved reading about your hikes, so I followed. The pictures of your hikes are beautiful and I love the idea of a hike each week of the year. Women Who Hike seems like a fun bunch of friends. I have a group of running friends who I love to hang out with. We have lots of adventures. Looking forward to reading about April’s hikes!

    • madalynstoner

      Thank you for the kind words, Laurie! It means a lot. It’s a great motivator to keep me outside, and so far I’ve stuck to it! Women Who Hike is a great organization. You should consider becoming a part of it if you’d like to get outside and hike with other women in the area!

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