getaway cabin, tiny cabin, beaver creek state park
Weekend Trips

Why You Need to Try a Getaway Weekend

Relax. Breathe. Unplug. Rest. ⠀

getaway cabin, tiny cabin, beaver creek state park

These are all things I will admit I haven’t done lately, especially now with my little baby boy, Henry. Between work, rushing home to see him before bed, catching up on chores, trying to workout, etc., relaxing just isn’t a thing. ⠀

I was incredibly excited when I heard about Getaway Their entire business is built around giving us the chance to take a step back from our daily lives and relax, breathe, unplug, rest.

We created Getaway to create a counterbalance to the noise created by our cities, technology, and work. By disconnecting and recharging in a beautiful tiny cabin nestled in nature, my hope is that we help our guests live life a little more deeply.

– Jon Staff, Founder and CEO of Getaway

getaway cabin, tiny cabin, beaver creek state park

Our tiny cabin was the perfect place to do just that. about an hour and twenty minutes south of Cleveland, we escaped all of our responsibilities and spent time talking, cooking and connecting with each other. It was exactly what we needed in the midst of chaos that has been our lives since Henry’s birth. The time to just be present with each other and not be worrying about our typical daily tasks.

getaway cabin, tiny cabin, beaver creek state park

Each cabin is equipped with all of the essentials, including bedding and towels. The space is designed to be minimal, so I’d suggest you only pack the basics so you don’t clutter up your space.

The cabin specifically includes a two-burner stove, a mini-fridge, dining ware, silverware, a can opener, a pourover kettle, a pot, a pan, cooking/grilling utensils, kitchen knives, olive oil, and salt + pepper. Paper towels and dish soap are also provided. Each cabin also has it’s own fire pit, with all of the supplies needed to keep you warm on a cold night.

In the morning, we woke up to the beautiful bay window views surrounded by the woods. We watched as the wind picked up, knocking leaves off of trees and slowly drifting down to the ground. We put on relaxing music, cooked ourselves a delicious breakfast and snuggled with Henry all morning.

getaway cabin, tiny cabin, beaver creek state park

When we were finally ready to leave our little slice of heaven, we headed to a nearby trail to get a solid 2.5 mile hike in. I loved this because not only did we get to enjoy this wonderful escape to nature, we also were able to explore a new Ohio state park that we had never been to before, Beaver Creek State Park. There are a lot of great trail options for all experience levels.

getaway cabin, tiny cabin, beaver creek state park

Next time you’re looking for the chance to enjoy nature and escape the every day chaos, I highly recommend you book a tiny cabin of your own.

If you DO book, they were nice enough to offer my followers a $25 discount. Use code MADY25 when you check out. You won’t regret it!

A special thank you to Getaway for providing us a complimentary night’s stay for an honest review. All opinions stated above are my own. 


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