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    52 Hike Challenge: Month Four Recap

    As always it seems time is going by so quickly! It’s already mid-May and I haven’t had a chance to recap my hikes from April. Between work and vacation the month has slipped away. So, I’ll get right down to it. Here is my hiking recap for the month of April. Hike #14: Lakefront Nature Preserve (Perimeter Trail), 2.2 miles    This place is a little slice of heaven, right outside of the city limits. This is a nature preserve that is tucked away off of highway 90. This area is perfect for bird watchers or photographers, or for people like me who just enjoy a peaceful hike by the…

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    52 Hike Challenge: Month Two Recap

    Month two of the 52 hike challenge is officially under my belt! I was able to explore some new areas and visit old favorites as well. While it was a quick month, I made sure to make the most of every hike. Hike #5: Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve, 5 miles  My friend and I took a road trip to Yellow Springs for the first time and it was such a blast! There is so much to see in this area. We spent the entire day hiking and made sure the explore the cute little town of Yellow Springs and grabbed coffee and food. We visited Clifton Gorge State Nature…

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    52 Hike Challenge: Month One Recap

    As promised, I’m holding myself accountable to complete the 52 hike challenge this year. This entails hiking once a week in 2018. Every month, I plan to recap the hikes that I completed. This is the first of twelve recaps. Hike #1: Lake Erie, 2 miles My first hike of the year was a little unique. Lake Erie completely froze over at the beginning of January, making it accessible to walk on the frozen water. I at Edgewater Park and descended down to the water to walk. There’s something really cool about being able to walk on areas you typically can only experience either swimming or by boat. The hike…

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    How I Plan to Conquer the 52 Hike Challenge

    One of my goals for 2018 is to get outside and hike even more than I did in 2017. Being outdoors is like going to church for me. I use that time to be with my thoughts, reconnect with the world around me and just enjoy the beauty of nature. You might be asking, “what is the 52 hike challenge?” Here is the official statement from www.52hikechallenge.com: 52 Hike Challenge is a global movement empowering you to take a personal journey to discover the physical, mental and spiritual benefits gained through hiking once a week for an entire year. Thousands of people all around the world are taking the challenge…