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    6 Best Places to See Spring Flowers near Cleveland

    With winter almost behind us, it’s time to start planning visits to see the spring flowers bloom, and I’m sharing the best spots in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio region. Check out where to see cherry blossoms, daffodils and bluebells this spring! Brookside Reservation Part of the Cleveland Metroparks, this is a popular destination for family photos, senior portraits, etc., and it’s easy to see why! The area is small, but the perfectly aligned trees is a sight to see in the spring. This part of the part is found at Cherry Grove Picnic Area. It is located along the south side of John Nagy Blvd. in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood…

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    Tips for Hiking in the Winter

    *I may earn commission for purchases made through some of the links in this post. Hiking in the winter can be challenging for many, especially if you’re new to hiking. Between the cold temperatures and the snow and rain, it can be intimidating. And living in Ohio, we have to deal with this type of weather for the majority of the year. I feel it’s even more important to get out and hike during the days of gray skies and darkness before 6pm. I’m sharing helpful tips for hiking in the winter, plus a few products* that could help you get you started on conquering hiking in the winter. So…

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    Tips for Hiking While Pregnant

    When I found out I was pregnant, I felt pretty much every emotion possible. From excited and happy to “oh my god what did we get ourselves into?!” However, I knew the next nine months would be an incredible journey that I was ready to take on. One thing in the back of my mind from the beginning though was, will I still be able to hike and get outside as much? Of course looking back now it seems like such a silly question, but it wasn’t at the time. Every pregnancy is different, and this was my first time going through it. There are so many stages of pregnancy that I…

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    My Sustainability Goals for 2019

    I’m one of those people who make a laundry list of lofty goals for the new year, every year. By the end of the first few months I always come to find I’ve stuck to one, maybe two.. but usually not fully sticking to whatever the goal was. I’ve also learned using the new year as an excuse to set new goals doesn’t typically work for me, and that I need to set them on my own time, no matter if it’s January or June. However, almost all of 2018 I beat myself up mentally for not doing more in terms of sustainability efforts and working toward a zero waste…

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    A Unique Wooden Watch for Your Outdoor Adventures

    *GIVEAWAY: WIN $100 TOWARDS YOUR OWN WATCH* If you’ve been looking for a beautiful, unique watch to match your style (or to gift to a loved one), look no further than JORD Watches. JORD Watches are beautifully handcrafted, with a ton of different styles to fit your personal asethtic. I am obsessed with this watch because it matches my outdoorsy style so well. I’ve been eyeing the Cassia Walnut & Vintage Rose for work, too! The wide range of options in color and style mean you can have a watch for any life occasion. The watch I currently own is the Olive & Aegean Blue. Although What I love about…