A Unique Wooden Watch for Your Outdoor Adventures



If you’ve been looking for a beautiful, unique watch to match your style (or to gift to a loved one), look no further than JORD Watches. JORD Watches are beautifully handcrafted, with a ton of different styles to fit your personal asethtic. I am obsessed with this watch because it matches my outdoorsy style so well. I’ve been eyeing the Cassia Walnut & Vintage Rose for work, too! The wide range of options in color and style mean you can have a watch for any life occasion.


The watch I currently own is the Olive & Aegean Blue. Although What I love about JORD Watches is that you can learn all about the wood that formed your watch. My specific watch and the wood is sourced from Europe. I love the blue face because it compliments my style: I wear a lot of green, blue and black! There are other colors to choose from too including green, light pink, black and more. Colored faces are my favorite because they stand out and can tie an outfit together so well.


When you order your watch, you also send your wrist measurements to ensure it fits you! I was a little nervous at first because watches are usually too heavy and chunky on my small wrist. Luckily, not this time! It fits like a glove and is super lightweight on my wrist. Your watch also comes packaged in a wooden box case, which is a natural place to store the watch when you’re not wearing it. You will receive a few extra links as well in case it’s too snug, plus cleaning supplies so you can keep it in mint condition even after multiple wears.

Now, it’s your chance to get a JORD Watch of your own! Click this link for your chance to win $100 toward your new watch. It’s SO simple: just enter your name and email and you’re in! The contest ends Oct. 28th. Don’t miss your chance to add a beautiful accessory to your wardrobe!


Wooden Wrist Watch


*I was provided a free watch from JORD Watches, but all opinions in this post are my own. 

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