6 Spots to Catch Stunning Sunsets in Northeast Ohio

If you know me on a personal level, or if you follow me on Instagram, you know I love a good sunset. It’s one of the best free shows nature has to offer.. how could you not love it? I’ve lived by Lake Erie my entire life, so I’ve always had the pleasure of catching some of the most beautiful, jaw dropping sunsets around.

Throughout the years, I’ve visited many new towns within Ohio to watch the sunset for a different perspective. These are my favorite 6 spots to watch the sunset in the northeast Ohio region

1. Lakewood Park | Lakewood, OH

Lakewood Park - Sunset2

Now, I may be bias since Lakewood is where I reside, but I think Lakewood Park showcases some of the best sunsets. Why? When I first moved to Lakewood, I fell in love with this park. Simply because it was so close to the water, and there’s a great spot where you can see the Cleveland skyline. For me, it’s the best of both worlds. In 2015 when they built the new Solstice Steps, it upped Lakewood’s sunset game tenfold. Now, you can grab a blanket and set up on one of the many steps that directly face the lake where the sun sets. While it does tend to get crowded, it’s a fun atmosphere you need to be a part of at least once. Most nights when the sun is past the horizon the crowd breaks out in applause!

2. Edgewater State Park | Cleveland, OH

28219987206_bbf0a9b360_o (1)

Willow Tree- Sunset1

When I first moved up to Lakewood four years ago, I lived within walking distance of Edgewater State Park. This was before the Thursday night concerts and the new beach house existed. I loved walking over to this park to catch a sunset. The park itself is pretty large for being so close to the city, and similar to Lakewood Park, you get both amazing sunset views and a killer view of the city of Cleveland. There are so many areas once you’re in Edgewater to view the sunset from as well. So, even if it is crowded you’re likely to find a secluded area. I personally love the lesser known beach/pier area.

3. Marblehead Lighthouse | Marblehead, OH

Marblehead Lighthouse - Sunset5

While I’ve only been able to visit this area a few times, what’s more perfect than the sun setting behind a historical lighthouse?! The town is quaint and every time I’ve visited I’ve always been greeted with smiles and friendly hellos. If you’re headed home from Cedar Point or Put in Bay on your way back to Cleveland or somewhere further east, I’d highly recommend making this detour.

4. Whiskey Island / Wendy Park | Cleveland, OH


Whiskey Island - Sunset4

With Edgewater Park gaining so much popularity, Whiskey Island / Wendy Park is definitely an area to watch the sunset if you’re looking to avoid crowds. You’ll likely run into volleyball players and fishers in this area. It’s also pretty neat to walk around the old Coast Guard stationĀ built at the end of a pier north of Whiskey Island.

5. Ledges Overlook | Peninsula, OH


Fall Ledges Sunset

The only area on this list that is not near Lake Erie, is the well-known Ledges overlook area in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. When the sun starts to hit the treeline you can practically feel the magic in the air. I’d recommend checking out this area in the fall once the leaves start changing. With the leaves changing color and the sun setting, it’s one of the most beautiful spots to go!

6. Huntington Beach | Bay Village, OH

Huntington Beach - Sunset 6

With a similar feel to Edgewater Beach, this is another great area to lay down a blanket in the sand and enjoy the sunset. I love this beach because there are a lot more piers to sit on and enjoy the view than it’s counterpart. This area may be a little less crowded than Edgewater, too.

While these are my personal favorites, I know there are plenty of other great areas to visit. Where’s your favorite place to watch the sunset?

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