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The Best Places to See Spring Flowers near Cleveland

With winter almost behind us, it’s time to start planning visits to see the spring flowers bloom, and I’m sharing the best spots in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio region. Check out where to see cherry blossoms, daffodils and bluebells this spring!

Brookside Reservation

Part of the Cleveland Metroparks, this is a popular destination for family photos, senior portraits, etc., and it’s easy to see why! The area is small, but the perfectly aligned trees is a sight to see in the spring. This part of the part is found at Cherry Grove Picnic Area. It is located along the south side of John Nagy Blvd. in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland. The flowers bloom within the first two to three weeks of April. It’s best to check the Cleveland Metroparks website or social channels for live updates before you make the trip.

Lakeview Cemetery

This cemetery is a must visit no matter the time of year, but Daffodil Hill is by far my favorite destination. When you arrive the cemetery, you can follow signs with arrows showing you the way to the flowers. Last year they planted even more bulbs in the area. Typically the daffodils bloom mid April.

Wade Oval, University Circle

Located right outside of the Cleveland Museum of Art, this is one of the best spots to walk around in the spring. Cherry blossoms surround the reflecting pool. This is a perfect spot to picnic and enjoy the the spring blooms!

Furnace Run, Cuyahoga Valley National Park

This was one of my favorite spots last year to visit. These beautiful wild bluebells are quite the sight to see in person! I found this large section of flowers while hiking the Furnace Run trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which starts at the Everett Covered Bridge.

Hemlock Picnic Area, Bedford Reservation

If you want to fully immerse yourself in a flower field, this is the spot to do it. There are plenty of trails that weave through all of the beautiful bluebells so you can enjoy being surrounded by them, without having to worry about trampling them. Park at the Hemlock PIcnic area in Bedford Reservation and follow the trail along the water. We went the first week of May and they were all completely bloomed.

Towpath Trail in Akron

As Anthony mentions in his original caption, these cherry blossoms were planted in 2010 after the former mayor was inspired during a visit to Hiroshima. You’ll find many areas lined with these beautiful blossoms! These typically bloom in the second or third week of April.

Battery Park Neighborhood

If you’re nearby visiting Edgewater Park, having a drink at Terrestrial Brewing or eating somewhere in Gordon Square, this cute little neighborhood has a beautiful section of trees that bloom in the spring!

Notable Mentions

While the areas I’ve listed above are all free to visit, I can’t end this post without suggesting that both the Cleveland Botanical Gardens and Stan Hywett Hall in Akron have beautiful spring blooms as well! The only downside is you have to pay to enter, but their grounds are big enough to make each well worth a visit.

What other areas do you like to visit in the spring to see the flowers bloom in Northeast Ohio?

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