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13 Waterfalls Near Cleveland

If you’re looking to visit some waterfalls when you’re in the Cleveland area, you’re in luck! Surprisingly, there are many waterfalls within a 30 mile range of the city to check out. Since most of these waterfalls are relatively easy to access, you could easily see all of these within a day or two if you really wanted to! I’m sharing 13 waterfalls near Cleveland to visit.

Day’s Dam (Lorain)

Day’s Dam waterfall is a part of the Black River Reservation. This waterfall is easy to access and can be an impressive sight to see after a heavy waterfall. To get to this waterfall, park at the Day’s Dam Picnic Area at 2720 E. 31st Street in Lorain. Once you’re parked, follow the trail past the trailhead and continue on this path for about a 1/2 mail. This part of the trail is paved and shared with walkers and bikers. You’ll see a sign for the Waterfall Trail which will take you into a dirt/grass trail. This is a short walk and you’ll likely hear the waterfall before you see it.

Tip: Pair this waterfall with the two waterfalls at Cascade Park (listed below) as they are relatively close to each other.

Mill Creek Falls (Cleveland)

mill creek cleveland waterfall

This is the tallest waterfall in the boundaries of Cuyahoga County, and is technically the only waterfall within Cleveland city limits. You would never know this waterfall was here driving by — I actually almost always miss the turn to this park because it’s so unassuming! This is another easily accessible waterfall. Park on Webb Terrace Road and the walk is very short. You’ll follow the boardwalk down a set of stairs to enjoy the overlook. If you walk down the path further there is another vantage point further away of the falls to enjoy as well.

Berea Falls (Berea)

berea falls cleveland waterfall

This waterfall is a part of the Rocky River Reservation. This area includes multiple smaller waterfalls. A bridge runs across this river and you’ll likely see a train pass through on your visit here. Park at 136 E Bagley Road in Berea. You can either walk out on the boardwalk and enjoy the overlook from afar, or follow the trail on the right and walk your way down to get up close and personal. Unfortunately this area usually has litter, so I always bring a bag with me to try and clean up trash while I’m here — and I encourage you too as well!

Bridal Veil Falls (Walton Hills)

brida veil falls waterfall cleveland

One of my favorite places to visit (this is where my husband proposed) is Bridal Veil Falls. This is a gorgeous waterfall any time of year. This is a great place to bring the whole family as you can enjoy the beautiful sights and your kids can play in the water while you’re there. Park at the Bridal Veil Falls parking lot and cross the street. You’ll follow the stairs down to the bridge and the waterfall will be right there. You could also park at the Overlook area and hike the Bridle trail to make it a longer hike.

Tip: Pair this with the Deerlick Creek Waterfall below as they are in the same park and only minutes from each other.

Deerlick Creek Waterfall (Walton Hills)

deer lick creek waterfall cleveland

This is one of many smaller waterfalls within the area. This is a little harder to access, but still completely doable. Park at the Bridal Veils parking lot. There is no official trail to access these falls, but I typically follow the ravine from the Bridal Veil Waterfall and just follow the water until you hit this area. You’ll know it once you’re there. I definitely recommend visiting this area in warmer weather so you can wear sandals or water shoes – it’ll be hard to get out of here completely dry!

Great Falls of Tinkers Creek (Bedford)

great falls of tinkers creek cleveland waterfall

This is one of the best waterfalls to visit during the fall season. The leaves are so colorful this time of year and create such a beautiful backdrop against the waterfall. Park at Willis Street in Bedford and walk along the paved trail all the way down to the water. This is a fun area to walk around and is another easily accessible waterfall. This is truly one of Cleveland’s best hidden gems.

Columbia Beach Falls (Bay Village)

columbia beach cleveland waterfall

This is such a unique waterfall in the Cleveland area because the waterfall runs directly into Lake Erie. The beach has become almost nonexistent in this area due to erosion so it’s definitely recommended to wear sandals here. Park across the street off of Lake Road. This is a very quick and easy walk then follow the stairs down and the waterfall will be on the left side.

Tip: I highly recommend visiting this waterfall during golden hour. You can enjoy the waterfall and a beautiful sunset over Lake Erie at the same time.

Cascade Park East & West Falls (Elyria)

cascade park cleveland waterfall

This is one my favorite waterfalls to photograph no matter what time of year. And although it’s in the heart of a town, it still feels like a hidden gem. The flow of this waterfall is always changing based on how dry or wet the season has been. It can be quite a beast after a super heavy rainfall. Park at 387 Furnace Street in Elyria and follow the trail along the river and ledges to arrive at this waterfall. There are two waterfalls in this park (East and West) so make sure to see both while you’re here.

Brandywine Falls (Northfield)

brandywine falls cleveland waterfall

This is (in my opinion) one of the most scenic waterfalls in the area. Brandywine Falls is a 65 ft. waterfall and is one of a few waterfalls within Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Park at 8176 Brandywine Road in Northfield and follow signs for the boardwalk. This waterfall can be accessed via the upper or lower boardwalk (I am standing on the lower boardwalk in the photo above).

Tip: Visit during sunrise and you’ll enjoy the sun peeking through the trees like pictured above.

Blue Hen Falls (Peninsula)

blue hen falls cleveland waterfall

The other well-known and waterfall of Cuyahoga Valley National Park is Blue Hen Falls. I love hiking in this area so much, it feels like the waterfall is just the cherry on top! This is one of the harder waterfalls to access since they closed the original parking lot for this area. Park at the Boston Mill Visitor Center or the overflow lot across the street. There will be signs indicating which trail is the correct one to access Blue Hen Falls. You’ll be hiking the Buckeye Trail to get there. It can be muddy and there is a bit of elevation. This is an out and back trail and is roughly three miles.

Buttermilk Falls (Peninsula)

buttermilk falls cleveland waterfall

This waterfall is accessed via the Blue Hen Falls trail, so plan to see both during your visit! Follow the trail past the sign that says “Trail Ends Here” and you’ll eventually make your way to Buttermilk Falls. If you are having trouble finding the trail (you shouldn’t but just in case) your best bet is to just follow the water.

Chagrin Falls Waterfall (Chagrin Falls)

chagrin falls cleveland waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is located in the heart of Chagrin Falls. Park on N Main Street in Chagrin Falls and follow signs to the boardwalk where you’ll be able to see the falls at the viewing deck.

Tip: Visit the Henry Church Rock waterfall (below) during the same visit as they are nearby each other!

Henry Church Rock Waterfall (Bentleyville)

henry church rock waterfall cleveland

Last, but certainly not least is the Henry Church Rock waterfall, which is a part of South Chagrin Reservation. Park at the Henry Church Rock picnic area and follow the trail that’s parallel with the river. Similar to the Great Falls of Tinkers Creek, this area is really beautiful to see in the fall with the stunning changing colors as the backdrop. I love hiking this area and it is also quite beautiful after a snowfall.

So, next time you’re looking for a waterfall to see near Cleveland enjoy one of these many options nearby!

What’s your favorite waterfall within the Cleveland area?

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