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    Hiking South Lake Tahoe in Three Days

    If you’re anything like me, when it comes to planning a hiking trip I am determined to always get in as many miles as possible at each location. It can be tricky to plan, though, especially when you’ve never been to a certain area and are solely relying on guide books and websites to show you the way. And when you’re trip involves mountains, maps can be deceiving and make things appear closer than they are. When my husband and I planned our California excursion, South Lake Tahoe was the first (and shortest) destination of our trip. I had no idea what to expect, I just knew I wanted to…

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    Your Guide to a Weekend in Toronto

    Road trips are a quintessential type of adventure, and I like to take them as frequently as possible. So, when a friend proposed a road trip to Toronto earlier this year I was excited. Then as soon as we started researching things we could do, I was sold.  A five hour drive from Cleveland and we were in another country! I was honestly blown away by how much Toronto and the stops along the way had to offer. In just four short days we saw four waterfalls, hiked to an overlook seeing the city of Hamilton, ate some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had, biked the entire city…

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    A Weekend in Minneapolis

    Minneapolis, Minnesota. Not typically the place you would imagine spending a weekend getaway at, right? We recently had the opportunity to spend a long weekend in the city and I was incredibly surprised by how much I enjoyed this trip. If you’ve ever wanted a fun getaway weekend in a walkable city with great restaurants, cool street art, lively bars and beautiful parks/lakes, then add Minneapolis to your list of places to visit! Between an easy flight, a reasonably priced AirBnB and cheap (but good) food and drinks, I’d rank this city in my top ten. Here’s why: Adorable & friendly neighborhoods: We stayed right outside the city limits in…

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    Track Your Adventures With Conquest Maps

    Have you been looking for a way to track your trips and adventures in a visually compelling way? Do you get satisfaction from checking things off your list, or in this case, pinning them to a map? I’ve seen ads for these types of maps show up a lot lately in my Facebook and Instagram feeds (they clearly know their target audience),  and I’ve been on the verge of buying one a few times. I was really excited when Conquest Maps reached out to collaborate*. What I love about Conquest Maps is not only are they an Ohio-based company, but they provide a slue of options to choose from, so…

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    How to Plan a Trip Out West (Itinerary Included)

    If you’ve ever wanted to plan a trip out West, but feel overwhelmed by the amount of places to go and see, I’m here to (hopefully) ease your anxiety! When my husband and I started planning our trip out West we were completely frazzled by the amount of information available to us online. While it was all helpful, it almost made it more challenging. It felt like we had to jump back and forth between multiple websites to get all of the details we needed. I’m here to share our full itinerary from the trip, including hotels, places to eat, hikes and more. I’m hoping you can use this posts…